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WeekWeek ofTopicsNotes
1 June 6th

Unit 0: Welcome and setup

Unit 1: Computer basics

2 June 13th

Unit 2: C++ basics

June 13 Last day to drop an 8-week summer course and receive a refund.
3 June 20th

Unit 3: Storing data in structs, saving text files

4 June 27th

Unit 4: Storing data in arrays, loading text files

5 July 4th

Unit 5: Pointers and memory

July 4 Independence day holiday, college offices closed
6 July 11th

Unit 6: The INs and OUTs of functions

July 15 Last day to request a pass/fail grade option or to withdraw with a β€œW” from an 8-week summer course.
7 July 18th

Unit 7: Classes and Object Oriented Programming πŸ”¨

8 July 25th

Unit 8: Putting it all together πŸ”¨

July 28 - Last day of summer session
- -

Aug 1 - Summer grades entered online by professors by 5 pm

Aug 3 - Summer grades available to students by noon on the web

CS 200: Concepts of Programming with C++

Instructor: Rachel Singh (they/them)

  • Please contact me via Canvas rather than directly via email!
  • Direct email: rsingh13 at jccc dot edu
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