Rachel's Courses

Spring 2022 and COVID

In Spring 2022 most of the department is planning on having normal, in-person classes again. However, my class format will be a little different. Here is more information.

Online asynchronous classes

These classes have no scheduled meeting times. All the class contents are available online and you are welcome to attend "drop-in" times / office horus via Zoom for additional help.

Hybrid classes

These classes have scheduled days, times, and a classroom. However, I will not be lecturing during these times and attendance is not manditory.

All class content, lecture videos, etc. will be available via the web, similar to an online course.

The scheduled class time will be an optional open-lab time where you can come in to ask questions, get help, and co-work. Wearing masks is required and you should be willing to wipe down the lab computer after use.

Office hours / drop-in times

I will not be meeting students in my physical office on campus. Instead, office hours / drop-in times for co-working will be held via Zoom.

At the beginning of the semester I will have students fill out an availability survey and I will schedule my office hours each week so that each student can attend at least one session per week.

These are optional to come to, but they are handy if you need help with the course content.

If you want to meet on campus in person, we can meet in the JCCC computer lab or elseware with laptops. (I just want to reduce germs in my office ;)

New to my courses?

Assignments, grade info, and a discussion board is available on Canvas, but you will find all the assignments, the class schedule, and the textbooks available from this course webpage.

Feel free to view the course pages (linked above) for a preview. I have CS 200, CS 235, and CS 250 this semester (Fall 2021) so they are pretty much full of all their content, links to lectures, and exercises. I have not finished setting up the CS 210 page yet.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Contacting me

I will be available throughout the semester via email, on campus, in the classroom, and via Discord.


Additional links:


Other stuff

Discrete Math Visualizations
Interactive examples for CS210 and CS211.

cuTEST unit test framework
I use this in my C++ classes.

C++ utilities
Stuff I use a lot in C++

Old course webpage
I decided I didn't want to keep a bunch of PHP code updated.

CS 210 and CS 210 lecture videos
Varying quality, and will be updated if I teach these courses again.

Intro to Computer Science and Programming lectures
Done for my CS 134 class; Python oriented.


Beginner's Guide to Game Programming (2008)
A very old video tutorial series on making games with C++ and SDL.

Porting a 1986 BASIC game to C++
Going thru one of those "program your own games!" books from the 1980s and "modernizing" it for C++

Classic Clones
Rewriting old arcade games in various languages.

Text Adventure tutorial
Let's make a text adventure in C++ PART 1 PART 2

Scratch tutorials
For beginners

Python coding tutorials
I don't remember why I made these.