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Other stuff

Discrete Math Visualizations
Interactive examples for CS210 and CS211.

cuTEST unit test framework
I use this in my C++ classes.

C++ utilities
Stuff I use a lot in C++

Old course webpage
I decided I didn't want to keep a bunch of PHP code updated.

CS 210 and CS 210 lecture videos
Varying quality, and will be updated if I teach these courses again.

Intro to Computer Science and Programming lectures
Done for my CS 134 class; Python oriented.

Beginner's Guide to Game Programming (2008)
A very old video tutorial series on making games with C++ and SDL.

Porting a 1986 BASIC game to C++
Going thru one of those "program your own games!" books from the 1980s and "modernizing" it for C++

Classic Clones
Rewriting old arcade games in various languages.

Text Adventure tutorial
Let's make a text adventure in C++ PART 1 PART 2

Scratch tutorials
For beginners

Python coding tutorials
I don't remember why I made these.