CS 200: Concepts of Programming Algorithms using C++

This course is designed to be self-paced so that you can spend more time on more difficult subjects as-needed. A suggested schedule is provided to help you make plans on where to be in the course at what time, but there is flexibility.

Every few units has an associated exam that you can take, and you must score at least 70% to continue on to the next set of units. Exams can be re-taken after 24 hours.

Unit list and tentative schedule

This page links to documentation for certain assignments. To access the actual assignment turn-ins, please go to the Canvas page.

Week # SPR 2023 Date FALL 2023 Date Suggested unit(s) Notes
1Jan 16Aug 21

Unit 1: Exploring software

Unit 2: main() - Intro to the structure of a C++ program

SPR - Jan 17 (Tuesday) - First day of classes
2Jan 23Aug 28

Unit 3: Variables - Storing data

Unit 4: cin/cout - Getting input and output from the console

3Jan 30Sept 4

Unit x: OOP basics - Using Structs to organize related data

Unit x: if - Branching program logic

(FALL - Sept 4 (Monday) - Labor day holiday
4Feb 6Sept 11

Unit x: while - Repeating commands with loops

Unit x: File input and output with the fstream library

5Feb 13Sept 18

Unit x: if/else if/else - Branching logic

Unit x: Basic Functions - Delegating tasks elseware

6Feb 20Sept 25

Unit x: switch - Branching logic

Unit x: Pointers - Variables that store memory addresses

7Feb 27Oct 2

Unit x: Arrays - storing sets of data

Unit x: for - Repeating commands with loops

8Mar 6Oct 9

Unit x: Dynamic arrays - Building our own resizable arrays

Unit x: vector - Dynamic arrays in an STL Structure

9Mar 13Oct 16


(SPR - Mar 13 - 19 - Spring Break)
10Mar 20Oct 23

Unit x: string - The C++ String library and functionality

Unit x: Intermediate functions - More about functions

11Mar 27Oct 30

Unit x: Classes - Writing Object Oriented Programs

12Apr 3Nov 6

Unit x: Inheritance - More Object Oriented Programming

13Apr 10Nov 13

Unit x: Searching and Sorting - Where's my data?

14Apr 17Nov 20


(FALL - Nov 22 - 26 - Thanksgiving break)
15Apr 24Nov 27

Unit x: Recursion - Another way to solve problems

16May 1Dec 4

(FALL - Dec 5 - 11 - Final Exams)
17May 8Dec 11

(SPR - May 9 - 15 - Final Exams)