Quick Reference - Installing tools for command line compiling

Installing tools to build from the command line

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In this scenario, you can use any text editor you'd like to work on your C++ code. However, I don't know how all IDEs or text editors are configured.

If you are going to use something besides Visual Studio or Code::Blocks, I'm going to require you to either be able to build from command line, or just accept that I might not be able to help you with project configuration issues.


Make sure to have g++ installed.


To write later because I don't have access to a Mac.


You will need to download and install Cygwin. Go to the Install Cygwin page and use the link under Installing and Updating Cygwin for 64-bit versions of Windows.

When you start the installer, for the first option choose to Install from Internet.

Then, you will set a Root Install Directory. You can leave this as the default - C:\cygwin64.
Also select Install for All Users and then click Next.

You can use the default Local Package Directory and Internet Connection settings.

Choose any mirror URL (Download Site).

A big list of packages will pop up. Specifically, you want to search for and select:

  • gcc-g++

Click on Next to continue with and finish the install.

You will want to make sure to move your repository folder into the cygwin64 home folder so that cygwin will be able to see your documents.