Unit 00: Welcome/setup

  1. Welcome to CS 235!
  2. Audio files?
  3. Intro to class stuff
  4. Course tour
    1. Canvas
    2. Textbook
  5. Setting up our tools for the semester
    1. Setup 1
    2. Setup 2
    3. Setup 3

This week's stuff:


You can read through / play the audio for each slide at your own pace, or

Welcome to CS 235!

👈 Use this to play audio for this slide (if you want.)

Welcome to CS 235! Here's the basic course information:

Class Code CS 235
Class Name Object Oriented Programming with C++
Section 1 Section 300, CRN 10965
Section 2 Section 301, CRN 10966
InstructorR.W. Singh (they/them)
Schedule Online
Delivery method Online

Audio files?

Some people (like me) read better with audio reading at the same time, and some people prefer reading without audio, so use whatever works for you! This is something new I'm trying to make for Spring 2024, so let me know if it's handy!

I'd prefer to not record more video because videos get stale (i.e., out of date) really fast and they're harder to go back and fix up. I am hoping this works fine for this class, so that I can easily make updates to the slides and audio over time!

Intro to class stuff

Textbook: https://moosadee.gitlab.io/courses/202401_Spring/book_oopcpp.html

Textbook and syllabus:
All of the course content I write, such as reading material and assignment documentation, will be located at the "textbook" link. Use the Table of Contents to navigate to different parts of the book, including the Syllabus. Please read through the syllabus, specifically the Course Policies, and let me know if you have any questions about the course.

JCCC requires attendance be taken the first week of class - students marked as not in attendance get auto-dropped by the system.
(If this happens you can be reinstated. See: https://www.jccc.edu/admissions/enrollment/reinstatement.html)
For an online course, I count your attendance based on assignments completed. Make sure to finish the Unit 00 Setup assignments for me to count you as in attendance.

Course tour

We will be using three main websites throughout this course:

1. Canvas LMS - https://canvas.jccc.edu/

  • Assignment turn-ins
  • Announcements, emails
  • Grade tracking

📖️2. Textbook - https://moosadee.gitlab.io/courses/202401_Spring/book_oopcpp.html

  • Reading assignments
  • Links to lectures
  • Assignment documentation
  • Quick reference and syllabus

3. Source Control - Link provided later

  • You'll save your code in a repository
  • I may add starter code or updates to your repository, and you can just use git pull to grab the changes easily
  • Hopefully make sure you don't lose any code mid-semester.
  • Why? - It's an important tool used by software developers. Less stressful to learn in class than on the job. :)

Course tour - Canvas

(Example Module:)

Canvas navigation:

  • Home - Shows information about office hours, link to textbook.
  • Announcements - Course announcements; default settings also send these to your email
  • Modules - View course content by WEEK/UNIT
  • Assignments - View course content by DUE DATE, or by ASSIGNMENT TYPE
  • Quizzes - View quiz-based course content
  • Discussions - view discussion board based course content
  • Grades - View your grades and course progress


  • 🔗 Quick links - Link to textbook, other important places
  • 🗃️ Late assignments dropbox - You will turn in late assignments HERE

Course tour - Textbook

Textbook navigation:

  • First organized by WEEK.
  • Each WEEK has one to three UNITS we are going to cover, these are all UNDER the WEEK in the textbook.
  • Under each UNIT is each assignment, such as links to the presentations, reading, and assignment documentation.
  • As the semester goes on, more of the textbook will be filled out.
  • Quick reference and syllabus are located at the end of the book as well.
  • At the end of the semester I can export the book to a PDF file and you can have an archive of the entire class' contents in one file.

Setting up our tools for the semester

Assignment: 🧑‍🔬 Unit 00 Lab - Set up (U00.LAB.202401CS235)


Follow along with the DOCUMENTATION for how to set up. I can also show how to set things up if you get stuck with anything.

In this assignment, you will be:

  • Setting up required programs/tools for this course:
    • An IDE such as Visual Studio, Code::Blocks, or Xcode (or whatever you want)
    • The Git software
  • Practice using Git and GitLab
  • Creating a project in the IDE to make sure you can build and run C++ programs.
  • Pushing your code to the GitLab server and making a merge request.
  • Turning in your work on Canvas by linking to your Merge Request.

Setting up our tools for the semester

FIRST! Create a GitLab account: https://gitlab.com/users/sign_up

Once you have it set up, let me know what your username is and I will add you to your repository.
❓ Unit 00 Setup - GitLab Username

Once you do this I will get you set up for your repository. It's better to do this early (like right now) so that I can give you access before you actually start on the lab.

Setting up our tools for the semester


LAB COMPUTERS - Should already have required software set up. Verify that you can find these programs:

  1. Visual Studio
  2. Git Bash

YOUR COMPUTER - Do the following set up. Use the DOCUMENTATION for a step-by-step guide.

  1. Install an IDE, such as:
  2. Install Git Bash: https://git-scm.com/

* Code::Blocks is lighter weight than Visual Studio so if your computer is a bit slow you might choose Code::Blocks instead on Windows.

Setting up our tools for the semester

Follow the documentation in the textbook. If you get stuck anywhere, let me know! Check Canvas for information about my office hours - you can drop in any time I have office hours scheduled, or you can schedule a one-on-one meeting time with me (on Campus or via Zoom) if my office hours schedule doesn't work for you.

If you need to email me, please send email through CANVAS, and not directly to my @ jccc email. That email is full of work emails, committee stuff, meetings, etc. Canvas email only receives student emails so I will see your messages much faster.

For this first week we have two more UNITS to go through, but they're not too big. Make sure to go to these links for those slides: